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Cocktails Aged Gracefully

In a culture that typically prizes the fresh and made-to-order, aging cocktails may sound sacrilege. So what exactly is a barrel aged cocktail and why mess with a good thing?

A barrel aged cocktail is any combination of spirits that enjoys an extended stay inside a barrel, and in the case of Connecticut’s Saugatuck Grain & Grape, a charred oak barrel. This process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few of months, depending on preference.

As for the motive, barrel aging is all about flavor. What may seem uptight and springy fresh from a shaker, appears loose and mellow after a few weeks sitting in oak. During a recent visit to SG&G, I wrangled a taste of a one-month old Negroni from Jeff Marron’s private stash that was just ripe for the picking. The cocktail, my current obsession, was remarkably smooth with hints of burnt caramel and vanilla. It was a classic transformed, and a harbinger of the hours of R&D Marron undertook in expanding SG&G’s offerings in this new direction.

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